2015 President

Neil Houser
Oklahoma University

President Elect

Stacy Otto
Illinois University

Immediate Past President

Linda Morice
Southern Illinois University, Edwardsville


John Hunt
Southern Illinois University, Edwardsville

Editors of the Journal of Philosophy and History of Education

Stacey Otto

Oklahoma State University

Virginia Worley

Oklahoma State University

The SOPHE Webmaster

Ralph Olliges

Webster University

The Drake Lecturer for 2016 will be

Lee Duemer

Texas Tech University

The Educational Foundations Society is a special interest group of the Society of Philosophy and History of Education. Its purpose is to investigate the condition of the foundations of education. The President of TEFS is David Snelgrove. TEFS sponsors the William E. Drake Lecture at each meeting of SOPHE.

Contact Martha Tevis for more information about TEFS.

SOPHE supports the Council of Learned Societies in Education Webpage.