SoPHE 2020 Virtual Conference

This SOPHE conference is Dedicated to the Memory of

Karen McKellips (1940-2020)

SOPHE 2020 Program: SOPHE_2020_Program.pdf

Session Presenters Zoom Discussion Session
1 Parin Somani, link John Covaleskie,pdf file Stacy Otto and Molly Pasley Moderator: Roy Tamashiro Monday, October 5, 2020; 11am-Noon Join Zoom Meeting
2 John Essington, audio file / pdf file Frank Giuseffi, audio file Tina Bly, pdf file / link David Snelgrove, audio file Moderator: John Covaleskie Monday, October 5, 2020; 3-4 pm Join Zoom Meeting
3 Stacie Warner, pdf file / link Vincent Gaddis, audio and video file / audio only file Brad Parker, audio file Virginia Worley Moderator: Carolyn Fridley Tuesday, October 6, 2020; 11 am - noon Join Zoom Meeting
4Lindsay Myers, link Autumn Brown, video file Denni Blum, link Moderator: Lucy Bailey Tuesday, October 6, 2020; 3-4 pm Join Zoom Meeting
5 Ralph Olliges pdf file/audio file Lynett Rock and Jessica Bridges Roy Tamashiro, link Moderator: Mike Boone Wednesday, October 7, 2020; 11 am - noon Join Zoom Meeting

Please access the papers for each session.
Each zoom session will focus on a discussion of the papers in that session. A link to the zoom discussion is in the right column. ?The zoom session will open 5 minutes prior to the listed time.

All times listed are in the Central Time Zone.