Oklahoma City 2019 Photos

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

The Tube at Myriad Gardens in OKC. A waterfall in Myriad Gardens. A sculpture in Myriad Gardens. The grounds at Myriad Botanical Gardens.
The ampitheatre where summer plays are performed. Beautiful flowers inside of the Tube at Myriad Gardens. A desert motif at one end of the Tube. The pachypodium is in full flower.
A Medusa head succulent inside the Tube. Haworthias growing in a beautiful pot. Stapeliads growing insdide the Tube. An Adenium Obessum in full flower.
A pachypodium in bloom. A walking bridge in the Myriad Gardens. The grounds at Myriad Gardens. Bougainvillea in full flower.
The conference was held at the Marriott Courtyard by Bricktown. The Bricktown Ballpark where the Los Angeles Dodgers have a minor league team. Mickey Mantle, a famous Oklahoman, has a statue in front of Bricktown. A mass transit cable car helps move visitors around OKC.