The 2021 meeting will be held September 30 - October 2, 2021 in Saint Louis at the Clayton Plaza Hotel.

The 2020 meeting will be virtual. Here is the link to it.

The site and program chair is
David Snelgrove.

More information for the 2021 meeting maybe found here.

SOPHE is now on Facebook (Login required).

SOPHE is an international conference that encourages and provides a forum for scholarship in the philosophical, historical, and social foundations of education, educational biography, pedagogical praxis, and the education-liberal arts nexus. SOPHE 2021 proposal

The President of SOPHE for 2021 is
Roy Tamashiro, Webster University.

The President Elect of SOPHE is William Fridley Southeastern Oklahoma State University.

The Past President of SOPHE is Ralph Olliges, Webster University.

The Secretary Treasurer of SOPHE is John Covaleskie, University of Oklahoma.

The Webmaster of SOPHE is Ralph Olliges, Webster University.

The Editors of JOPHE are Stacy Otto, Illinois State and Virginia Worley, Oklahoma State University.

More information concerning the Society of Philosophy and History of Education is available here.

Volumes 46-68 of the Journal of Philosophy and History of Education are available at

SOPHE is the new sponsor of the website for the Journal of Thought. Issues will be put online as they become available.

Application for the editorship of the Journal of Thought: A Journal of Critical Reflection on Educational Issues is available here.


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