The William E. Drake Lecture Series

William E. Drake, Professor Emeritus, University of Texas and Austin."The Authority of Law and the Freedom of the Individual.” Response: “Freedom and Authority in the Educational Philosophy of William E. Drake,” by Jack Willers, Professors, Peabody College and Vanderbilt University.."

James E. McClellan, Jr., Professor, University of New York at Albany and Corpus Christi State University."Our Historical Duty and How to Do It."

John Pulliam, Dean, University of Montana."The Right Stuff for Education in The Twentieth Century: Futures Philosophy and Educational Reform."

Richard Wisniewski, University of Tennessee."Restructuring Schools of Education."

Jack Willlers, Professor, Peabody College and Vanderbilt University. "Creative Thought in Human Relations: A Critical Overview of the Thought of William E. Drake."

James W. Wagener, Professor, University of Texas San Antonio. "Reframing Leadership: The Study of Educational Philosophy as Preparation for Administrative Practice."

William H. Fisher, Professor, University of Montana. "Was Bill Drake A Religious Person?"

James Van Patten , University of Arkansas, Fayetteville. "Some Reflections on the Future of Society and Education"

Mario Benitez, Professor, University of Texas at Austin. “The Origin of Prejudice in Children.”

Billy F. Cowart, Professor Emeritus, Western Oregon State College. “A Profession Out of Focus and the Realignment of Responsibility.”

Joe Green, Professor Emeritus, Louisiana State University-Shreveport, and Visiting Professor, Texas Tech University, “Two Dogmas of Excellence’: Dissonance in the Discourse on Education.”

Douglas J. Simpson, Dean, School of Education Texas Christian University. “John Dewey’s Concept of the Dogmatic Thinker.”

Joan K. Smith, Dean, University of Oklahoma,“Gender, Professionalism and the Development of Teacher Education: A Postmodern Perspective.”

Donna Younker, Professor Emeritus, University of Central Oklahoma,“The Transformation of Eleanor Roosevelt”

David Snelgrove, “Copernican Revolutions in Philosophy: the Kant-Dewey Dialectic.”

Charles Fazzaro, University of Missouri, St Louis. “American Public Education and the Tyranny of Modern Thought.”

Karen McKellips , Cameron University. “Am I a Hedgehog or a Fox?”

Dalton Curtis, Southeast Missouri State University, “Against the Grain: Michael Oakeshott on the Idea of a Liberal Education.”

Sam F. Stack, Jr., West Virginia University, “An Intellectual Journey for Community”

Martha May Tevis, University of Texas - Pan American, "George I. Sanchez: "The" Pioneer in Mexican American Equity;

Stan Ivie, Texas Women's University, "Teacher as Storyteller"

Mary Bevel, Webster University, "The Postmodern Musings of a Twenty-First Century Yogi: Discrimination Against Children with Disabilities, Ahimsa and Advocacy"

Don Hufford , Newman University, "Dear Dr. Drake: Do I Read You Correctly?"

George Stone , University of the Ozarks, "Ethics in Public Education"

Mary Lou Aylor , Central Michigan University, "The Confessions of a Union Thug"

Samia Costandi , Ahlia University, Bahrain, "Socrates: A Difficult Act to Follow"

Doug Davis , University of Mississippi, "Education, Humanities,and Hope in a Postmodern Future"

Neil Houser , University of Oklahoma, "We Ain't Dead Yet!: Maintaining Hope and Vitality in the Current Climate of Reform and Accountability"

Cornell Thomas , Texas Christian University, "The Concept of Ubuntu as an Educational Philosophy that Imagines the Possibilities of all Learners"

Lee Duemer , Texas Christian University, "A History of Transactional Leadership in Academe: A Cautionary Tale"

Karen McKellips, Cameron University. “Too Many Biographies, Too Little Time: Good Books To “Think With”, Part 2, Continues From SOPHE Last Year”

Virginia Worley, Oklahoma State University. “TBD”

Linda Morice, Southern Illinois University - Edwardsville. “Dealing with 21st Century Diversity: Lessons from Coordinate Colleges for American Women”

Lucy Bailey, Oklahoma State University. “Forgetting and Remembering: Cultural Memory Work Toward Racial Justice”

Stacy Otto, Illinois State University. “Ridicule in Real Time: How Memes Can Undermine Fascism and Save the World!”

William Fridley, Southeast Oklahoma State University. “TBA”